package scheduler

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Type Members

  1. trait ActorGC extends TerminationMonitor

    ActorGC keeps track of the number of live actors being managed by a a scheduler so that it can shutdown when all of the actors it manages have either been explicitly terminated or garbage collected.

  2. trait ExecutorScheduler extends Thread with IScheduler with TerminationService with ThreadPoolRunner

    The ExecutorScheduler class uses an ExecutorService to execute Actors.

  3. class ForkJoinScheduler extends Runnable with IScheduler with TerminationMonitor

    The ForkJoinScheduler is backed by a lightweight fork-join task execution framework.

  4. class ResizableThreadPoolScheduler extends Thread with IScheduler with TerminationMonitor

    This scheduler class uses a ThreadPoolExecutor to execute Actors.

  5. class SingleThreadedScheduler extends IScheduler

    This scheduler executes actor tasks on the current thread.

Value Members

  1. object DaemonScheduler extends DelegatingScheduler

    Default scheduler for actors with daemon semantics, such as those backing futures.

  2. object ExecutorScheduler extends AnyRef

    The ExecutorScheduler object is used to create ExecutorScheduler instances.