API Docs for: 3.5.1

QueryString Class

The QueryString module adds support for serializing JavaScript objects into query strings and parsing JavaScript objects from query strings format.

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  • obj
  • cfg
  • name
public static

Converts an arbitrary value to a Query String representation.

Objects with cyclical references will trigger an exception.


  • obj Variant

    any arbitrary value to convert to query string

  • cfg Object

    (optional) Configuration object. The three supported configurations are:

    • sep: When defined, the value will be used as the key-value separator. The default value is "&".
    • eq: When defined, the value will be used to join the key to the value. The default value is "=".
    • arrayKey: When set to true, the key of an array will have the '[]' notation appended to the key. The default value is false.
  • name String

    (optional) Name of the current key, for handling children recursively.