API Docs for: 3.5.1

app Module

Defined in: app/js/view.js:11

Available since 3.4.0

The App Framework provides simple MVC-like building blocks (models, model lists, views, and URL-based routing) for writing single-page JavaScript applications.

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • app-base
    Provides a top-level application component which manages navigation and views.
  • app-transitions
    Provides view transitions for Y.App in browsers which support native CSS3 transitions.
  • app-transitions-native
    Provides the implementation of view transitions for Y.App.Transitions in browsers which support native CSS3 transitions.
  • model
    Attribute-based data model with APIs for getting, setting, validating, and syncing attribute values, as well as events for being notified of model changes.
  • model-list
    Provides an API for managing an ordered list of Model instances.
  • router
    Provides URL-based routing using HTML5 pushState() or the location hash.
  • view
    Represents a logical piece of an application's user interface, and provides a lightweight, overridable API for rendering content and handling delegated DOM events on a container element.
  • view-node-map
    View extension that adds a static getByNode() method that returns the nearest View instance associated with the given Node (similar to Widget's getByNode() method).