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In addition to the Android developer forums, you can participate in the Android developer community through IRC and you can follow us on Twitter.


Several IRC channels are available for discussions about developing Android applications.

#android General discussion about Android (and Android development).
#android-dev Discussion focused on developing Android apps.

If you haven't used IRC before, check List_of_IRC_clients » for a helpful list of IRC clients. Alternatively, you could also use this web interface », which does not require any installation, to join discussions on the Android IRC channels.

Here are some tips for using IRC:

  • Set your nickname before you join the channel.
  • Registering your nickname prevents others from using your nickname or impersonating you later:
    /nick <yournickname>
    /msg nickserv register <password> <email>

    Afterwards, when you connect, you'll need to supply a password:

    /nick <yournickname>
    /msg nickserv identify <password>
    /join #android-dev


We use a Google+ page to host Hangouts for developers, talk about the latest releases, development and design tips, and much more.


You can follow us on Twitter at this account:

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