GtkBin — A container with just one child


#include <gtk/gtk.h>

GtkWidget *         gtk_bin_get_child                   (GtkBin *bin);

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

GtkBin implements AtkImplementorIface and GtkBuildable.


The GtkBin widget is a container with just one child. It is not very useful itself, but it is useful for deriving subclasses, since it provides common code needed for handling a single child widget.

Many GTK+ widgets are subclasses of GtkBin, including GtkWindow, GtkButton, GtkFrame, GtkHandleBox, and GtkScrolledWindow.



typedef struct _GtkBin GtkBin;

The GtkBin struct contains the following fields. (These fields should be considered read-only. They should never be set by an application.)

GtkWidget *child; the child widget.

gtk_bin_get_child ()

GtkWidget *         gtk_bin_get_child                   (GtkBin *bin);

Gets the child of the GtkBin, or NULL if the bin contains no child widget. The returned widget does not have a reference added, so you do not need to unref it.

bin :

a GtkBin

Returns :

pointer to child of the GtkBin. transfer none.