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Android APIs
Since: API Level 12


Provides support to communicate with USB hardware peripherals that are connected to Android-powered devices.

For more information, see the USB guide.

Use UsbManager to access the state of the USB and to communicate with connected hardware peripherals. Use UsbDevice to communicate with the hardware peripheral if the Android-powered device is acting as the USB host. Use UsbAccessory if the peripheral is acting as the USB host.


UsbAccessory A class representing a USB accessory, which is an external hardware component that communicates with an android application over USB. 
UsbConstants Contains constants for the USB protocol. 
UsbDevice This class represents a USB device attached to the android device with the android device acting as the USB host. 
UsbDeviceConnection This class is used for sending and receiving data and control messages to a USB device. 
UsbEndpoint A class representing an endpoint on a UsbInterface
UsbInterface A class representing an interface on a UsbDevice
UsbManager This class allows you to access the state of USB and communicate with USB devices. 
UsbRequest A class representing USB request packet.