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Android APIs
Since: API Level 1


Provides an OpenGL ES static interface and utilities.

For more information about how to use OpenGL, read the OpenGL developer guide.


GLSurfaceView.EGLConfigChooser An interface for choosing an EGLConfig configuration from a list of potential configurations. 
GLSurfaceView.EGLContextFactory An interface for customizing the eglCreateContext and eglDestroyContext calls. 
GLSurfaceView.EGLWindowSurfaceFactory An interface for customizing the eglCreateWindowSurface and eglDestroySurface calls. 
GLSurfaceView.GLWrapper An interface used to wrap a GL interface. 
GLSurfaceView.Renderer A generic renderer interface. 


ETC1 Methods for encoding and decoding ETC1 textures. 
ETC1Util Utility methods for using ETC1 compressed textures. 
ETC1Util.ETC1Texture A utility class encapsulating a compressed ETC1 texture. 
GLDebugHelper A helper class for debugging OpenGL ES applications. 
GLES20 OpenGL ES 2.0  
GLSurfaceView An implementation of SurfaceView that uses the dedicated surface for displaying OpenGL rendering. 
GLU A set of GL utilities inspired by the OpenGL Utility Toolkit. 
GLUtils Utility class to help bridging OpenGL ES and Android APIs. 
Matrix Matrix math utilities. 
Visibility A collection of utility methods for computing the visibility of triangle meshes. 


GLException An exception class for OpenGL errors.