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Android APIs
Since: API Level 1


Provides tools for browsing the web.

The only classes or interfaces in this package intended for use by SDK developers are WebView, BroswerCallbackAdapter, BrowserCallback, and CookieManager.


GeolocationPermissions.Callback A callback interface used by the host application to set the Geolocation permission state for an origin. 
PluginStub This interface is used to implement plugins in a WebView. 
ValueCallback<T> A callback interface used to provide values asynchronously. 
WebChromeClient.CustomViewCallback A callback interface used by the host application to notify the current page that its custom view has been dismissed. 
WebIconDatabase.IconListener Interface for receiving icons from the database. 
WebStorage.QuotaUpdater Encapsulates a callback function which is used to provide a new quota for a JavaScript storage API. 
WebView.FindListener Interface to listen for find results. 
WebView.PictureListener This interface is deprecated. This interface is now obsolete.  


CacheManager This class is deprecated. Access to the HTTP cache will be removed in a future release.  
CacheManager.CacheResult This class is deprecated. Access to the HTTP cache will be removed in a future release.  
ConsoleMessage Public class representing a JavaScript console message from WebCore. 
CookieManager Manages the cookies used by an application's WebView instances. 
CookieSyncManager The CookieSyncManager is used to synchronize the browser cookie store between RAM and permanent storage. 
DateSorter Sorts dates into the following groups: Today Yesterday seven days ago one month ago older than a month ago  
GeolocationPermissions This class is used to manage permissions for the WebView's Geolocation JavaScript API. 
HttpAuthHandler HTTP authentication request that must be handled by the user interface. 
JsPromptResult Public class for handling JavaScript prompt requests. 
JsResult An instance of this class is passed as a parameter in various WebChromeClient action notifications. 
MimeTypeMap Two-way map that maps MIME-types to file extensions and vice versa. 
SslErrorHandler SslErrorHandler: class responsible for handling SSL errors. 
WebBackForwardList This class contains the back/forward list for a WebView. 
WebHistoryItem A convenience class for accessing fields in an entry in the back/forward list of a WebView. 
WebIconDatabase Functions for manipulating the icon database used by WebView. 
WebResourceResponse Encapsulates a resource response. 
WebSettings Manages settings state for a WebView. 
WebStorage This class is used to manage the JavaScript storage APIs provided by the WebView
WebStorage.Origin This class encapsulates information about the amount of storage currently used by an origin for the JavaScript storage APIs. 

A View that displays web pages. 

WebView.WebViewTransport Transportation object for returning WebView across thread boundaries. 
WebViewDatabase This class allows developers to determine whether any WebView used in the application has stored any of the following types of browsing data and to clear any such stored data for all WebViews in the application. 
WebViewFragment A fragment that displays a WebView. 


WebSettings.LayoutAlgorithm Enum for controlling the layout of html. 
WebSettings.PluginState The plugin state effects how plugins are treated on a page. 
WebSettings.TextSize This enum is deprecated. Use setTextZoom(int) and getTextZoom() instead.  
WebSettings.ZoomDensity Enum for specifying the WebView's desired density.