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Android APIs
public class


extends JsResult
   ↳ android.webkit.JsResult
     ↳ android.webkit.JsPromptResult

Class Overview

Public class for handling JavaScript prompt requests. The WebChromeClient will receive a onJsPrompt(WebView, String, String, String, JsPromptResult) call with a JsPromptResult instance as a parameter. This parameter is used to return the result of this user dialog prompt back to the WebView instance. The client can call cancel() to cancel the dialog or confirm() with the user's input to confirm the dialog.


Public Methods
void confirm(String result)
Handle a confirmation response from the user.
Inherited Methods
From class android.webkit.JsResult
From class java.lang.Object

Public Methods

public void confirm (String result)

Since: API Level 1

Handle a confirmation response from the user.