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Android APIs
Since: API Level 1


The API for client-side HTTP authentication against a server, commonly referred to as HttpAuth.



This interface represents an abstract challenge-response oriented authentication scheme. 

Credentials User name and password based authentication credentials. 


AUTH Constants and static helpers related to the HTTP authentication. 
AuthSchemeRegistry Authentication scheme registry that can be used to obtain the corresponding authentication scheme implementation for a given type of authorization challenge. 
AuthScope The class represents an authentication scope consisting of a host name, a port number, a realm name and an authentication scheme name which Credentials apply to. 
AuthState This class provides detailed information about the state of the authentication process. 
BasicUserPrincipal Basic user principal used for HTTP authentication 
NTCredentials Credentials specific to the Windows platform. 
NTUserPrincipal NT (MS Windows specific) user principal used for HTTP authentication 
UsernamePasswordCredentials Username and password Credentials 


AuthenticationException Signals a failure in authentication process 
InvalidCredentialsException Authentication credentials required to respond to a authentication challenge are invalid 
MalformedChallengeException Signals that authentication challenge is in some way invalid or illegal in the given context