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Android APIs
Since: API Level 1


Provides a compatibility interface for accessing SQL-based databases. The android.database and android.database.sqlite packages offer a higher-performance alternative where source compatibility is not an issue.

Note that you must provide your own JDBC driver.


Array A Java representation of the SQL ARRAY type. 
Blob A Java interface representing the SQL BLOB type. 
CallableStatement An interface used to call Stored Procedures
Clob A Java interface mapping for the SQL CLOB type. 
Connection A connection represents a link from a Java application to a database. 
DatabaseMetaData An interface which provides comprehensive information about the database management system and its supported features. 
Driver An interface to a JDBC driver. 
ParameterMetaData An interface used to get information about the types and properties of parameters in a PreparedStatement
PreparedStatement An interface for a precompiled SQL Statement. 
Ref This interface represents an SQL Ref - a data object containing a cursor or pointer to a result table. 
ResultSet An interface for an object which represents a database table entry, returned as the result of the query to the database. 
ResultSetMetaData Provides information about the columns returned in a ResultSet
RowId Maps SQL's ROWID type into Java. 
Savepoint A savepoint is an instant during the current transaction that can be utilized by a rollback via the rollback() command. 
SQLData An interface for the custom mapping of an SQL User Defined Type (UDT) to a Java class. 
SQLInput The SQLInput interface defines operations which apply to a type of input stream which carries a series of values representing an instance of an SQL structured type or SQL distinct type. 
SQLOutput The interface for an output stream used to write attributes of an SQL User Defined Type (UDT) to the database. 
SQLXML Maps SQL's XML type into Java. 
Statement Interface used for executing static SQL statements to retrieve query results. 
Struct An interface which provides facilities for manipulating an SQL structured type as a Java object. 
Wrapper This class is an actual usage of the wrapper pattern for JDBC classes. 


Date A class which can consume and produce dates in SQL Date format. 
DriverManager Provides facilities for managing JDBC drivers. 
DriverPropertyInfo A class holding information about driver properties of a database connection. 
SQLPermission Legacy security code; do not use. 
Time Java representation of an SQL TIME value. 
Timestamp A Java representation of the SQL TIMESTAMP type. 
Types A class which defines constants used to identify generic SQL types, also called JDBC types. 


ClientInfoStatus An enumeration to describe the reason why a property cannot be set by calling Connection.setClientInfo. 
RowIdLifetime An enumeration to describe the life-time of RowID. 


BatchUpdateException This exception is thrown if a problem occurs during a batch update operation. 
DataTruncation An exception which is thrown when a JDBC driver unexpectedly truncates a data value either when reading (resulting in warning), or when writing data (resulting in an error). 
SQLClientInfoException An exception, which is subclass of SQLException, is thrown when one or more client info properties could not be set on a Connection. 
SQLDataException An exception, which is subclass of SQLException, is thrown when various data errors arise. 
SQLException An exception that indicates a failed JDBC operation. 
SQLFeatureNotSupportedException An exception, which is subclass of SQLNonTransientException, is thrown when various the JDBC driver does not support an optional JDBC feature. 
SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException An exception, which is subclass of SQLNonTransientException, is thrown when various the an integrity constraint (foreign key, primary key or unique key) has been violated. 
SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException An exception, which is subclass of SQLNonTransientException, is thrown when the authorization credentials presented during connection establishment are not valid. 
SQLNonTransientConnectionException An exception, which is subclass of SQLException, is thrown when the connection operation that failed will not succeed when the operation is retried without the cause of the failure being corrected. 
SQLWarning An exception class that holds information about Database access warnings.