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Android APIs
public class


extends Object

Class Overview

Plays a series of audio URIs, but does all the hard work on another thread so that any slowness with preparing or loading doesn't block the calling thread.


Public Constructors
AsyncPlayer(String tag)
Construct an AsyncPlayer object.
Public Methods
void play(Context context, Uri uri, boolean looping, int stream)
Start playing the sound.
void stop()
Stop a previously played sound.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public AsyncPlayer (String tag)

Since: API Level 1

Construct an AsyncPlayer object.

tag a string to use for debugging

Public Methods

public void play (Context context, Uri uri, boolean looping, int stream)

Since: API Level 1

Start playing the sound. It will actually start playing at some point in the future. There are no guarantees about latency here. Calling this before another audio file is done playing will stop that one and start the new one.

context Your application's context.
uri The URI to play. (see setDataSource(Context, Uri))
looping Whether the audio should loop forever. (see setLooping(boolean))
stream the AudioStream to use. (see setAudioStreamType(int))

public void stop ()

Since: API Level 1

Stop a previously played sound. It can't be played again or unpaused at this point. Calling this multiple times has no ill effects.