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Since: API Level 1
public interface



Class Overview

More complex interface performance for test cases. If you want your test to be used as a performance test, you must implement this interface.


Nested Classes
interface PerformanceTestCase.Intermediates Callbacks for PerformanceTestCase
Public Methods
abstract boolean isPerformanceOnly()
This method is used to determine what modes this test case can run in.
abstract int startPerformance(PerformanceTestCase.Intermediates intermediates)
Set up to begin performance tests.

Public Methods

public abstract boolean isPerformanceOnly ()

Since: API Level 1

This method is used to determine what modes this test case can run in.

  • true if this test case can only be run in performance mode.

public abstract int startPerformance (PerformanceTestCase.Intermediates intermediates)

Since: API Level 1

Set up to begin performance tests. The 'intermediates' is a communication channel to send back intermediate performance numbers -- if you use it, you will probably want to ensure your test is only executed once by returning 1. Otherwise, return 0 to allow the test harness to decide the number of iterations.

If you return a non-zero iteration count, you should call intermediates.startTiming and intermediates.endTiming to report the duration of the test whose performance should actually be measured.

intermediates Callback for sending intermediate results.
  • int Maximum number of iterations to run, or 0 to let the caller decide.