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Since: API Level 1
public interface


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Class Overview

A client-side request director. The director decides which steps are necessary to execute a request. It establishes connections and optionally processes redirects and authentication challenges. The director may therefore generate and send a sequence of requests in order to execute one initial request.
Note: It is most likely that implementations of this interface will allocate connections, and return responses that depend on those connections for reading the response entity. Such connections MUST be released, but that is out of the scope of a request director.


Public Methods
abstract HttpResponse execute(HttpHost target, HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)
Executes a request.

Public Methods

public abstract HttpResponse execute (HttpHost target, HttpRequest request, HttpContext context)

Since: API Level 1

Executes a request.
Note: For the time being, a new director is instantiated for each request. This is the same behavior as for HttpMethodDirector in HttpClient 3.

target the target host for the request. Implementations may accept null if they can still determine a route, for example to a default target or by inspecting the request.
request the request to execute
context the context for executing the request
  • the final response to the request. This is never an intermediate response with status code 1xx.
HttpException in case of a problem
IOException in case of an IO problem or if the connection was aborted