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Android APIs
public class


extends ProgramFragment
   ↳ android.renderscript.BaseObj
     ↳ android.renderscript.Program
       ↳ android.renderscript.ProgramFragment
         ↳ android.renderscript.ProgramFragmentFixedFunction

This class is deprecated.
in API 16

ProgramFragmentFixedFunction is a helper class that provides a way to make a simple fragment shader without writing any GLSL code. This class allows for display of constant color, interpolated color from the vertex shader, or combinations of the both blended with results of up to two texture lookups.


Nested Classes
class ProgramFragmentFixedFunction.Builder This class is deprecated. in API 16  
Inherited Methods
From class android.renderscript.Program
From class android.renderscript.BaseObj
From class java.lang.Object