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public static final class


extends Object
   ↳ android.provider.MediaStore.Audio

Class Overview

Container for all audio content.


Nested Classes
interface MediaStore.Audio.AlbumColumns Columns representing an album  
class MediaStore.Audio.Albums Contains artists for audio files  
interface MediaStore.Audio.ArtistColumns Columns representing an artist  
class MediaStore.Audio.Artists Contains artists for audio files  
interface MediaStore.Audio.AudioColumns Columns for audio file that show up in multiple tables. 
class MediaStore.Audio.Genres Contains all genres for audio files  
interface MediaStore.Audio.GenresColumns Columns representing an audio genre  
class MediaStore.Audio.Media  
class MediaStore.Audio.Playlists Contains playlists for audio files  
interface MediaStore.Audio.PlaylistsColumns Columns representing a playlist  
Public Constructors
Public Methods
static String keyFor(String name)
Converts a name to a "key" that can be used for grouping, sorting and searching.
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public MediaStore.Audio ()

Since: API Level 1

Public Methods

public static String keyFor (String name)

Since: API Level 1

Converts a name to a "key" that can be used for grouping, sorting and searching. The rules that govern this conversion are: - remove 'special' characters like ()[]'!?., - remove leading/trailing spaces - convert everything to lowercase - remove leading "the ", "an " and "a " - remove trailing ", the|an|a" - remove accents. This step leaves us with CollationKey data, which is not human readable

name The artist or album name to convert
  • The "key" for the given name.